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So the big cat walks across my keyboard and this message pops up.  I have no idea what she hit to make it happen.  Or even what this feature is.  

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Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos attempt at turning billions into millions, had to blow up their rocket during a test flight.  Imagine having to make that call - blowing up millions of dollars in equipment with a single command.

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for yankees. Surely there's a punchline waiting to be written there but Hurricanes are pretty serious things so I hope everyone takes them serious and gets prepared. it's probably too late for the big supply shopping runs but there are lots of things you can and still need to do to prep for potential power outages and loss of communications. The Weather channel is your best friend and if you see Jim Cantore hanging out near you - RUN! He always manages to be in the worst places that get hit the hardest.

Some things you may not think about but can help are:

Filling up a bunch of zip-loc bags with water and letting them freeze - if the power goes out, this will help preserve your icebox contents and give you some extra water. you do know how to flush a toilet without city water, right?

Write down the names and phone numbers of an out of the area contact for all family members to call and check in. Local services, including cell towers are usually overloaded but you might be able to reach someone away from the area. Text messages are usually easier to get through than calls so set folks up on text services now.

"Hunker down" - if you want to practice for a hurricane just go cut the power and gas now to your house, shut off the city water supply and see how long you last. IF you know you're going to have damage - call your insurance agent now as they can PRE-file a claim and get things moving faster than after the storm.

Oh and get used to people around you acting like idiots - people do some strange things. and buy alcohol and/or beer now - local authorities stopped all alcohol sales after the storm and you'd think that was the worst thing ever!

Good luck up North peoples!



My friend Pam summed alot fo the mixed feelings I have about the end of the Shuttle era.  I couldn't even bring myself to watch the final landing but sometime soon we'll all get together for a Happy Hour and raise a toast to the end of an era.  I just wish we were on our way onto something greater. . .
does anyone have an awesome recipe for key lime pie?  I have a whole bag of them (they were on sale and I couldn't resist) and am craving a key lime pie fix. 

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my new bike
Originally uploaded by dindatx.

Thank you Vegas!

Discovery's final flight today - keep your bits crossed, weather looks awesome.

Each Shuttle has its own personality.  The names bestowed upon them only the start of each vehicle's story.  Endeavour and Atlantis the newest birds in the fleet with Discovery being the work horse of the stable.  Space Shuttles are the 18 wheelers of the NASA fleet; they do nothing more than haul stuff up in little circles around the earth then return and do it again.  They cannot be modified to go to the Moon, they cannot be modified to be floating hotels or any other celestial task.  Their time is long ago past.  By now they should all be in Museums with us having new vehicles for actual human spaceflight exploration but alas it was not to be.  So like the family van that had to continually fixed to keep it going just one more year, they've long since paid their dues and are ready for the scrap heap.

Yes, they are still the most technologically advanced machines ever designed by man, er humans, but in a way, that's not saying much.  They were built years ago and trying to match the old technology to the new was a greater challenge than just building new; like trying to rehab a 1920s bungalow into a modern office.  Oh well, keep your bits crossed for the crew and the vehicle that will do its job one more time.


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did one of the 7000 or so 'recommended' apple software updates Apple keep foisting on my system for itunes stuff and when I was forced to restart for the umpteenth time I suddenly start getting a self-assigned IP address!!!! argh!  geezus, stupid, frackin' closed systems.  zapping pram, adjusting settings in the network preferences, nothing will make airport wifi happy.  just now got ethernet to work as even that was yielding a self-assigned IP until just right now.  argh.  any thoughts on how to fix?  don't really look forward to a genius bar appointment.

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Been getting up early to go walk/run on the beach this week.  The amount of trash rejected onto the shores by the ocean is disheartening.  It's as if Mother Nature is spitting it all back at those of use who most love the beach.  I usually try to pick up a few items and deposit them in the trashcans lining the shore but it's a daunting chore.  If I'm serious about running/walking then I have to force myself not to stop every few feet to gather up one of the thousands/millions of plastic bottles.  I silently apologize to the seagulls and all creatures of the sea for the human thoughtlessness that caused the mess.

This morning I went to a different part of the beach and did my usual walk/run thing.  On the way back I just had to stop and pick up some shot injector casings; no needles, just plastic sticking in the sand.  Ugh. hate to think what was once in them and how many more there were in the ocean now.  Then, nearing my car I picked up a few empty water bottles and plastic newspaper wrapping and deposited them in the trashcan near my car.  I was rewarded with a hearty round of applause from the folks sitting on the deck of their beach house enjoying the sunrise!  It was a nice way to start the morning.

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